MiRo Practitioners

If you think you or your clients or your staff are likely to use MiRo on a regular basis or if you just want to learn more about psychometrics and how to use them, then becoming a practitioner couldn’t be easier. Our courses are run regularly all over the country and can even be run just for you or your company and tailored specifically to your needs. Courses are very competitively priced and once accredited, practitioners have instant access to the system and all the resources and support that goes with that.

Why become a MiRo Practitioner?

Photo of Mark Fanning (ACF Team Building)

The MiRo Behavioural Mode Assessment is a psychometric tool which offers you and your clients one of the most comprehensive and accessible reports available today. It will make sense no matter what psychometric assessments your clients may have done in the past and can be used for individual, leadership and team development alike. The low cost of becoming a MiRo Practitioner Accreditation demonstrates exceptional value when compared to accreditation for other mainstream psychometrics which can be as high as £2500.

The two day course will give you everything you need in order to apply the tool and once you are a practitioner you will have full access to our easy to use web-based assessment system. As trainers ourselves (and practitioners in many different psychometrics) we have found the MiRo tool to be invaluable in training, team building and coaching alike. The system can be explained in less than 25 minutes leaving more time to train people in the application of the tool back in their working environment. It’s great value too.

Those who are already practitioners in other psychometrics will find the MiRo system a valuable addition to their tool kit, while those coming to psychometrics for the first time will find it an accessible and easy to use system, which has been designed specifically for business. The workshops are lively and interactive and give you everything you need in order to start using the MiRo system with your clients. Once accredited you will have full access to the MiRo online system where you can set up projects, create reports and team reports along with team maps and other tools.

You will also have access to resources such as slide decks, technical and workshop manuals, ideas for exercises and workshops, instructional videos and the possibility of being the first to use or take part in developing our new tools and products. There are already hundreds of practitioners using the tool on a regular basis, exchanging ideas and sharing their experiences. If you’re interested in joining this growing community then please get in touch to find out more about becoming a MiRo practitioner.

Clare Smale says...

Photo of Clare Smale

"I've been using MiRo with great results for several years and with a wide variety of clients. It’s great for coaching as MiRo quickly opens up a thought provoking discussions, both with individuals and teams. We nearly always include MiRo in our initial leadership and management workshops and qualifications as it is an excellent starting point for self analysis of personal development needs as a manager."

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Mark Payne says...

Photo of Mark Payne

Thanks for your email. The Team Report was an excellent way for the company I was working with to consider their team dynamic, and there has been very positive feedback on how it was received; typical feedback included – "The MiRo Team and Individual Reports were really useful for me as a way of learning about my colleagues.", "Interesting to see how the team fit together and can develop.”

"Much of my work involves helping organisations to get the most from their teams and leadership. I use MiRo as a regular part of the learning programmes I provide because of its relevance to the workplace. The ability to offer both Individual and Team Reports supports the coaching and training programmes I provide. The feedback from my clients is that it helps shed new light on the impact they have on others, communication across their teams and areas where as a team they may be more vulnerable."

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Mark Fanning (ACF Team Building) says...

Photo of Mark Fanning (ACF Team Building)

"I find that MiRo is a great tool for our team building programmes. We run a huge variety of challenges that require leadership, creativity, problem solving and above all great communication skills. With clients aware of their MiRo psychometrics profiles it really highlights their preferred behaviours and the effect it has on the group. We find that our clients discover new ways of working well together and get a great deal out a day with us when using the MiRo programme."

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Lesley Bosworth (Director of Consulting Operations - Capita Consulting) says...

Photo of Lesley Bosworth (Director of Consulting Operations - Capita Consulting)

"Capita Consulting is pleased to be a MiRo practitioner company. We have worked with different psychometric providers but we find the MiRo behaviour assessment to be one of the most effective to use in terms of explaining it to our clients in a way they understand, helping our clients to find task based ways to implement it and for the overall accuracy of the tool itself. We use the tool extensively in our own in house training as well as part of our interview process and our consultants have found it very useful to help them in developing themselves and developing their teams."

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Joy Smart says...

Photo of Joy Smart

"I like using the MiRo assessment because people relate to it quickly and easily and find it very helpful when it comes to understanding how/why relationships work or don't work. It is then also easy for them to work out what they need to do differently in order to influence more effectively."

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