The MiRo Team

MiRo came into being around a kitchen table back in 2002 and since then has seen few changes of personnel. Today's team seem to have settled in for the long haul however and most have been with the company for a while. MiRo is based in Swindon but the team work flexibly to allow maximum control and 24 hour support for our practitioners. The MiRo team contains skills and experience aplenty from psychology to business and from IT to astronomy (although we haven't yet found a way to use that last one) so if you would like to know more about MiRo or need help with something please do get in touch.

Rob Chappell

Photo of Rob Chappell

Rob Chappell is our Managing Director and one of the original co-designers of the MiRo tool. He is a psychotherapist by trade but has not practiced for some time, choosing instead to put his time into MiRo and for the past ten years, into managing a small charity, working with young people in Swindon. He's also a trainer and consultant specialising in the psychology of work. The rest of the time, he can be found doing ham-fisted carpentry, sailing the waters of the Kennet and Avon canal with his family or climbing up a mountain without them.

Richard Spence

Photo of Richard Spence

Our resident technologist is Richard Spence. Richard has over 20 years experience in software development, both for mobile phone and sever. He has worked for pretty much everyone, from great British blue chips to tiny start-ups. When he is not in the computer mines he runs a Guitar and Ukulele stall at the Glastonbury festival, the local “Fat Dads” football league and quaffs the odd pint of his favourite Stroud Brewery Ale.

Jeremy Lewis

Photo of Jeremy Lewis

Our 'Man in the North', Jeremy Lewis is an Advanced MiRo Practitioner and trains MiRo Practitioners. Having spent several years as an internal and external organisation development specialist, he now runs his own consulting, coaching and facilitation practice. He lives on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in Ilkley and when not consulting, coaching or facilitating (or indeed training MiRo Practitioners) he can be found walking on Ilkley's famous moor with his family or in one of Ilkley's fine hostelries, drinking something pale and artisanal that was brewed in Yorkshire.

Mike Fisher

Photo of Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is an experienced HR, Organisational Development and Change Management executive with over 20 years experience of managing people programmes across multiple sectors. He has led large-scale people initiatives with FTSE 100 businesses of £650m revenue plus. Mike co-designed the MiRo assessment and co-founded the company. He is a family man and occasionally paints terrible pictures. He currently works at PwC but still finds time to help us as an adviser.

Jo Mason

Photo of Jo Mason

Jo Mason (she looks after the money and the paperwork) is the most recent member of the MiRo team having joined in March 2016 to deal with the administration and finance. Jo is a bit of a nomad and has spent 12 summer seasons working in Corsica, along with trips to Israel, Australia and Thailand and a 3-month Greyhound bus trip around the States.

Jo’s working life covers a multitude of jobs, starting with 5 years at Lloyds Bank working on the South West relief staff team. Since then she has managed a couple of restaurants in London, managed the administration for a small chain of London Letting Agents and had various PA/EA positions, to list just a few.